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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is Keyshia Cole Calling Out Her Husband On New ‘Loyal’ Freestyle?

Keyshia cole loyal freestyle cover

Keyshia Cole is back on the music scene and she’s potentially spilling her own tea — all while returning to her roots as one of the modern day queens of R&B heartbreak anthems.
Earlier today, she dropped a new freestyle to Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” which features Sean Kingston and YMCMB frontman Lil Wayne and she isn’t trying very hard to dispel rumors that husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson’s wandering eye has caused trouble in their marriage.
Peep some of the scathing lyrics!
Just got rich
Being broke was a b*tch
These n*ggas ain’t loyal
Look at all the sh*t that he did
These h*es ain’t got what I got
These girls can’t do what I do
These girls are all fake and I know it
And you know you had a real in me
But sh-t okay
Take your money, I’ma go my way.
These n*ggas ain’t loyal and that’s why it’s the song I sing
And it doesn’t stop there. Elsewhere in the uptempo jam, Keysh sings about having a man’s back when he was down and out.
When I do what I do
Stuntin’, me and my crew
I had your back when you were down and out
I was there and you know it’s true
Coincidentally, Daniel, who’s currently without an NBA team to call home after being dumped by the Cleveland Cavaliers last year, had a troublesome 2013. Aside from potentially losing his wife, the ball player was arrested last March and charged with assault for allegedly breaking a man’s jaw during an altercation at Essence Music Festival.
The song continues:
One time for my real n*ggas, two time for them fake h*es
What we had was so real, you let it all go
Go down the drain
Stuntin’ in my brand new thang
Hit the club with me my girls
You wasn’t loyal, you f-cked up
Back in October, Keyshia attempted to silence divorce rumors when she uploaded the birthday present Boobie bought her: a gift certificate for a 10-day stay at Atlantis Paradise Hotel in the Bahamas. But then the next month, the couple were on Instagram, sending what many believed were subliminal shots toward each other.
Whatever’s going on between the two, it’s giving Keyshia a whole lot of material to work with, that’s for sure!
Listen to the track below:

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