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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ludacris’ Baby Mama: ‘I Ask That The Negativity Stop’

Ludacris' Baby Mama Sets the Record Straight 2

Over the holiday break, while folks were making New Year’s resolutions and renewing their gym memberships to bring in the coming year right, a lot of messy celebrity relationship situations came to light, including the story of Ludacris having a baby with a woman who was not his longtime girlfriend. As each day goes by and more and more accusations are being thrown around by both parties, it poses the question: “How did this even happen to begin with?”
To play catch up (since we were on break), an old friend of Luda’s by the name of Tamika Fuller had a baby girl in December, and weeks later the public found out after Ludacris filed court papers claiming paternity for the child but requesting that his child support payments be capped at just under $1800 a month. (She fought back in her own papers saying that he spends $12,000 on pets and lawn care so clearly he could pay more for a child.)  It has also been revealed that Luda filed papers requesting a gag order on Tamika back in September so that she would keep the pregnancy under wraps, and he claimed she tried to extort him by asking for a car and $7500 for her lawyer fees to keep quiet.
Now, Tamika is speaking out in an attempt to tell her side and she took to her social media yesterday to set the record straight.  She says despite what the media and blogs are reporting, she’s not some money hungry former stripper trying to extort Ludacris. She also reveals that he has yet to meet their child and she’d like for all of the lies to stop so that the two can come together and co-parent.
It saddens me that it has come to this. I did not file on him. Nor would I ever try to attempt to extort my child’s fathers. Ive never asked him to buy me a car. I had engine trouble. I asked to borrow one of his during my pregnancy so that I could continue 2 get 2 work.
I have never been a stripper. I did waitress there in my past. I have since moved on from that. Some of the best people I know are dancers.
She has yet to meet her father and it’s unfortunate because I would never keep him from seeing her. Let’s not lose focus that an innocent child is involved and her best interests come before any of all of this foolishness.
In spite of all that has already happened I just ask that the negativity stop towards him and I. We have a child to co parent. Be blessed.
It can be assumed that the two at least liked each other or were attracted to each other enough to lay down together (despite Luda’s circumstance of having a longtime girlfriend).  It was even reported that they are old friends. They conceived a baby, so how they are now at this crazy place of fighting over child support and the father not seeing his child yet is kind of disappointing and typical. From some people, you just expect better.
The biggest lesson that stems from all of this is, “Wrap it up kids!” Safe sex and monogamy could have prevented all of this.
Hopefully, they are able to work it out, at least for the sake of the child.

Tamika Fuller baby

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