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Monday, March 25, 2013

Deelishis Video Response On Fight With Ex-Husband “It’s Not Your Business” [EXCLUSIVE]

Deelishis fight

Finally, Deelishis video tell all hits Hot 107.5! Sunday was a world wind of confusion on what happen to the vixen. MediaTakeOut allegedly posted that Deelishis was beat up in Detroit by a pack of angry strippers. MTO then went on to accused her ex husband of allegedly assaulting comedian Michael Blackson and Deelishis after an unexpected 4am home visit. There are many theories on what happened that dark night.
Did Deelishis confirm relations with Michael Blackson?
Was Comedian Michael Blackston beat up by her ex-husband?
Did Deelishis jump out of a second story window?
How was her wrist REALLY injured?

In a “let’s set the record straight” exclusive interview with HOT 107.5′s afternoon personality Big Greg Deelishis outlines the events of that night and confirms and denies allegations that have been floating around. Big Greg also asked the key question, ” Are you a victim of domestic violence in this situation?”
Deelishis stands on the fact that she stated there was an accident that occurred, not a car accident which everyone assumed. The model tweeted, ” Some things are better left unsaid like the details of my slip and fall accident, however who I’m dating I don’t mind y’all knowing.. it’s NOBODY.”

Deelishis goes on to address the fact that someone tweeted, “Deelishis now you know how Rihanna feels.” She stated, “That’s not funny and it’s sort of embarrassing, everyone has their own domestic situation whether it’s just an aggressive argument or it gets physical.” So clearing all rumors and stating her facts Deelishis claims she was not a victim of domestic violence. In the conclusion of her interview she says, ” Some things even as an entertainer ain’t yo business and that doesn’t make me messed up, that doesn’t make me a liar that just make me, i aint telling you everything because that aint for you.” Well Deelishis told us what she wanted us to know now all we can do is believe her. Want to make a conclusion for yourself? Check out the tell all video below. Written By: Ashley Allen

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