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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shereè Whitfield Feels ‘Misled’ By Iyanla Vanzant ‘Fix My Life’

Sheree Whitfield Iyanla Fix My Life SFTA

Ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Shereè Whitfield is feeling some kinda way about her recent appearance on OWNTV’s ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’.
Shereè was featured on Saturday’s episode alongside her ex-husband and father of her two youngest children, former NFL player Bob Whitfield, who admits that while Iyanla didn’t “fix” their issues, he felt it was a helpful experience.
Bob Sheree Fix My LIfe StraightFromTheA

 the duo was confronted by Iyanla Vanzant about their inability to get along and failure to co-parent their children.

Since leaving the ‘Housewives’, I’ve been at a different place in my life, a place of healing and self-empowerment, so when Bob reached out to me about doing this show on co-parenting I was excited because I thought we were both on the same page and equally wanted to work towards mending our relationship so that we could more effectively co-parent, and even more importantly I thought it was an opportunity to inspire single parents in our situation.
However, once shooting began I felt misled because the line of questioning was centered more on accusations of my shortcomings as a wife versus how we can begin to resolve our issues. 

Well Sheree’s not too happy about the way she came across during the explosive episode and feels she was given the bad end of the stick.
Sheree has also released a statement in an attempt to keep her name in the news.
Details below…

 Iyanla totally roasted Shereè about her thought processes, stating she “has the energy of a victim,” and also questioned the former ‘housewife’ about “Chateau Sheree,” the exceptionally large (and still unfinished) mansion she began building during her days on RHOA.
Shereè is having a hard time dealing with the consequences of her actions and on the show, even admitted to Iyanla that she felt “attacked” after being questioned about her finances.
The following statement was released by Shereè  to her close friends over at RumorFix:
Sheree Iyanla Vanzant Funky Dineva

Shereè went even further in the statement by calling Iyanla’s approach to therapy “one-sided” and “judgmental”.

Iyanla’s camp has not commented on the subject but clearly Shereè is on a mission to secure a spot on OWN now that she has Oprahs “attention”.
Maybe she can do a new reality show about recovering from financial mismanagement or how to buy back your soul after selling it to reality television.
Sheree Whitfield Derek Blanks Alter Ego

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